Cannabis Industry

Here are some highlights of my Branding and Design work in the Cannabis industry. I have worked with companies in all three tiers of the Market- producers, processors, and vendors- including Platinum Gardens, Platinum Extracts, The Amsterdam Exchange, Green Vines, and more. I have studied I-502 law and am careful to always work within its parameters.

Platinum Gardens

Platinum Gardens is a Recreational Cannabis producer in Washington with a reputation for outstanding flower product. The Branding system I created was meant to communicate clean, careful, mastered art of growing. My scope of work for Platinum includes everything from Branding, Website Development, Photography, Packaging, and Print Production. Visit to see more photography and information. Below are some materials I created for Platinum Gardens.

Strain Chart with Descriptions

Platinum wanted a list of their flower strains for store display. I created this countertop strain chart design with Indica/Sativa ratios, descriptions of each strain, and a color code system. The strain chart is a great opportunity to create an impression on the visitor about our brand, while conveniently providing a useful reference of the specific traits of each strain.

Packaging Design

Company Business Card

Magazine Ad, Dope Magazine

Magazine Ad, NW Leaf

Signature Strain Posters

I created posters to highlight some of Platinum's flagship marijuana varieties.


This Color code reference chart (Instagram version) corresponds with the color code on Platinum Gardens product packaging, providing a fun and convenient way for visitors to identify the Indica/Sativa ratios in their Platinum Product.

Green Vines

Branding and website user interface design for Green Vines, an app concept to facilitate collaboration between producers, processors, and vendors. Project included Logo design, branding, and mockups.

The Amsterdam Exchange (Farmer's Market)

I created a plethora of designs and materials for this unique Cannabis farmer's market, including photography, ads, signage, and interior decorating.

Vendor tag design and raffle event flyer

Featured photos from The Amsterdam Exchange Instagram feed.

Platinum Extracts

Platinum Extracts was a pre-502 Medical cannabis oil processor, strongly established in the market as a top-tier brand. I created a broad scope of materials for them, including their color-coded infographics, brochures, and product photography.

Promotional Infographic

I created the color code infographic to provide a quick reference for Indica/Sativa ratios. Each product package is color coded to correspond to this chart.

Platinum Flyer and Test Results

This flyer was made to highlight Platinum's test results and create brand awareness for visitors at our vendors.

Product Packaging

Packaging for a special line of top tier product. Concept-Design-Production.


I directed and shot all photography for Platinum Extracts. A promotional campaign for Instagram is shown above.

Magazine Ad